We welcome you to GOD MADE QUEENS

At GMQ, we believe in FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION and have put together an epic team of talented artists - bringing truly special T-shirt & garment designs for you to wear fearlessly.

Each design tells its own story – while wearing one you continue to carry the story into the world.

We live on the beautiful sunny Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia - where we get all our superb ideas for stunning graphic designs. We eat healthy, meditate on the beach, have Acai bowls for breakfast, sun tanning while working and sometimes a swim before dinner. The usual 24/7h chaos.

Our designs speak the feminine language. We aim for fun, positive vibes, unconditional love towards yourself, your surroundings, the animal world, nature, acceptance, strength, and beauty. Speak your mind, respect yourself, be the leader, be fit, be naughty, be the rebel you know you want to be.

The creative energy our designs radiate is empowering. Be the most 'You' you can be. Be authentic, fun, creative. Don’t hesitate to make a statement.

You are going to show up to the world differently. Leave your comfort zone. EXPRESS YOURSELF- EMBRACE YOURSELF - It’s a subconscious uplift of your personality.

Be an inspiration and take committed actions to improve yourself towards your vision every day.